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Effective training, facilitating and speaking

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Sile has extensive experience training, facilitating and speaking to groups within a number of sectors. Including at a local, national and international level. Sile’s training, facilitating and speaking style is person centered, enthusiastic and actionable.

Sile is currently based in Cork and welcomes training, facilitating and speaking opportunities nationally and internationally.  Download the  Training Speaking Facilitation Brochure.

Teachers/students training, facilitating and speaking: stress management, resilience, leadership, interpersonal skills, well-being, mental health and effective communication. Download the Croke Park Hours Training Brochure or download the Training and speaking for students brochure.

Organizational training, facilitating and speaking: stress management, leadership, resilience, mental fitness, interpersonal skills, personal, mental health in the work place and professional well-being and effective communication.

Recovery training, facilitating and speaking: Co-dependency, Family dynamics & relationships, building a relationship with self, personal development, personal responsibility, self-esteem, getting back to work, interview skills and “What is recovery for me?”.

Business training, facilitating and speaking: Being yourself in business, life work balance, authentic networking, authentic branding and marketing, and natural leadership.


Why choose Sile for training, facilitating and speaking ?

If you would like to discuss ways in which Sile can offer your organisation or group facilitation, training or speak to you please contact Sile on the contact page or  email Info@silewalsh.com or by giving Sile a call on 0870660688.

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