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Stress Management

Improve’s performance, physical health, emotional resilience & mental well-being.

Stress management is a vital skill for everyone’s well-being. Stress management seminars, workshops & coaching programs are tailored to address the individual needs of the group of participants. Stress affects everybody the same way, however what causes stress in people is much more of a personal experience. 

Participants include students, teachers, business owners, parents or individuals with an interest in improving their coping strategies. One size does not fit all and stress requires a tailored strategy for each person. 


Stress management benefits:

  • Improving mental, physical and emotional well-being.
  • Individuals become more proactive, productive and effective when stress is managed effectively. 
  • An increased feeling of ease and calm.
  • Building up mental fitness and emotional resilience.
  • More focus, self-compassion and self-awareness
  • Having access to practical and empowering strategies to use in everyday living.


Stress management learning outcomes:

  • Participants are equipped with practical stress management approaches.
  • Effective preventative strategies including identifying personal warning signs of stress.
  • Awareness of self-care for mental, physical and emotional well-being.
  • Understanding how to manage the after effects of stress.
  • An awareness of the effects of stress on the body.
  • Understanding the purpose of stress and cause. 
  • Practical strategies and experiences for stress management.


Stress Management Options:

Approaches used are cognitive behavioral coaching techniques, a mindful approach, tried and tested stress management tools and positive psychology. All designed to help participants maximize their time, thinking styles and approaches.


Seminar – (sessions just under 2 hour’s)

  • Develop an understanding of stress & stress management skills 
  • Group discussion
  • Q&A Session 

Further Details:

€320 includes pre-session consultation to asses the needs of the group, preparation work, 2 hour in person session and follow up email support with participants up to 14 days later. Travel costs depends on location. Request a quote. 


Workshop (sessions just under 4 hours )

  • Develop an understanding of stress & stress management
  • Q&A session
  • Group activities & discussion
  • Individual stress management plans

Further Details:

€599 includes pre-session consultation to asses the needs of the group, preparation work, 4 hour in person session, individual stress management plans and follow up email support with participants up to 14 days later. Travel costs depends on location. Request a quote. 


Coaching Classes (Takes place over 6 weeks)

  • Developing of stress awareness
  • Personal development plan for stress
  • Self-care plan, prevention methods
  • Assessing stress management and tweaking the participants approaches



Other options for stress management:

I would love the opportunity to speak with you further on the matter. There are options available for a 6 session course or a 2 hour talk on request. To discuss this further with Sile please email Info@silewalsh.com or ring 087 0660688. 



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Sile’s Bio: 

IMG_20150527_165002Sile is a passionate full-time personal development coach, author and speaker. Specializing in authenticity for life, relationships and business. Sile has experience working with people nationally (Ireland) and internationally (USA, Canada, UK, EU & Australia). Sile has facilitated personal development training, speaking at events and private coaching for organisations, community groups, companies and private individuals.

Sile has worked with clients from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Including addiction, mental health challenges, business, learning disabilities, perfectionists, high achievers and early school leavers.

 Self Care An Authentic Journey is Sile’s first book and she is currently writing her second one! You can book a chat with Sile or follow her on LinkedIn.  



“As the course develops you start to notice how everything around you seems less stressful. Just having the knowledge and tools to cope with difficult situations for you personally” – Love Your Life Class participant



“With Sile’s help I’ve really started to take my finger off the “perfection & control” button and have begun to push the “conscious choice” button instead!” Love Your Life Class participant



“It’s the simplest things now. I can wake up early and set a plan of fun for the day. Things that were always there feel alive now. Instead of trying to sort everybody else out to make me happy and now I know it’s me I need to look after. I found my own happiness I’m so grateful I found this before it was to late.”Love Your Life Class participant


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