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Sometimes what we need is to grow within a community of like minded people who are seeking something better, just like us.


By joining the Love Your Life Now Empowerment Series, you will learn how to cultivate well-being, authenticity, balance and happiness in your own life. 


The series includes a supportive community, personal development coaching, an empowerment ethos, monthly  workshop, meditations, personal growth and a private FB group .




"I am currently doing this course and would highly recommend it to anyone" 


"As the course develops you start to notice how everything around you seems less stressful and just having the knowledge and tools to cope with difficult situations for you personally" 


"I look forward to every monthly meet up" 




You will learn tools & techniques that will help you to grow into your most authentic, satisfied & fulfilled version of yourself!


This is a 7 month series & each month we will explore a particular topic using meditations, worksheets, group discussions, personal reflection, and holistic activities. Following each workshop you will have practices to do at home and course material to help you integrate the new discoveries & awareness’s into your life.


"With Sile's help I've really started to take my finger off the "perfection & control" button and have begun to push the "conscious choice" button instead!"  - Class participant


This series of workshops will show you how to:

  • Create a positive & loving relationship with yourself
  • Set goals that are supportive & nurturing for you
  • Manage your challenges in life with more ease
  • Relate more authentically & comfortably with others
  • Improve your relationships by seeing the patterns & dynamics at play
  • Be clear about who you are & know what you want from your life


"Sile is brilliant at gently guiding us through sensitive topics, creating a safe environment for us to share our stories, and sharing her own life experience and deep wisdom."  - Class participant


We will cover aspects of the following topics:

  • Communication & listening  – Relating clearly, expressing our needs & hearing what others are expressing.
  • Value system – Getting to the core of what values or directing my decisions, acknowledging if they are serving me or not
  • Assertiveness & Boundaries Clarifying & respecting our own boundaries & the boundaries of others
  • Learning to not take things personally - Developing understanding of why we do it & how to change it 
  • Self-love & Self-care - Learning how to self sooth & taking responsibility for it!
  • Receiving & giving reviewing our relationship with giving & receiving (reviewing co-dependency may be an aspect of this topic)
  • Purpose, passion & vision Getting in touch with our authentic hopes & dreams
  • Goal setting - learning to set goals & meet them
  • Learning to coach ourselves through life transitions, choices & healing




"It's the simplest things now, I can wake up early and set a plan of fun for the day. Things that were always there feel alive now.  Instead of trying to sort everybody else out to make me happy and now I know it's me I need to look after and found my own happiness I'm so grateful I found this before it was to late." - Class participant 



The Details: (Sign up below to stay informed)

Workshop dates: Confirmed dates include: Jan 14, Feb 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10 & July 1st

Location & Time: 9.30am-3.30pm in Wilton, Cork City

Whats included: The 7 month process includes a series of 7 workshops, personal development materials and a private Facebook group for continuous support throughout the course and in between workshops.  

Cost: The series costs €455. You have 2 payment options either €455 upfront or a monthly standing order of €65 for 7 months. 

If you have any questions about the course being a good fit for where you are in your life please contact me Info@silewalsh.com. 




"I'm so glad I'm part of one of Sile's Love your life empowerment groups. Sile is an excellent facilitator, so authentic, supportive and kindhearted."  - Class participant

"I'm beginning to enjoy life and take more care of myself instead of focusing on taking care of everyone else." - Class participant


"I'm so grateful for Sile and the group and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some support, friendship and plenty of cups of tea!"  Class participant 2015 

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