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Happy Clients

Happy Coaching Clients share their experience …


“What I wanted was to be a more confident person and more assured of myself. Less worried about what other people thought of me and to be not afraid to try new things especially in academic or test circumstances and to not be worried about the result. Having been to Counselling and it not particularly working I was dubious that I could change or how I could change. Sile made a lot of sense and explained it very simply.” Male 50’s, business owner, Waterford. 



“I was very stressed and overwhelmed with emotions that I felt I could no longer handle on my own. I thought/assumed that any steps or recommendations would be to hard for me to go through with. Sile showed me how to look at things in a way that that helps me grow from them instead of letting them get to me.” – Female, Malta


A Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “I was really struggling and I was fed up of the life I was living. When I met Sile she made me feel very comfortable. I got more than what I wanted or expected.

I had a major breakthrough in understanding myself and I’m achieving a happier lifestyle and building my confidence. I just loved how everything came together and everything made sense.

No matter what is on your mind or how silly you think it sounds, she helps you understand it. My family has definitely noticed a change in me. I am more independent and have more energy to do everyday life things” – Female in her 20’s, Cork ,



“I went to Sile as i wanted to upscale in my employment but was unsure of what kind of job or sector to apply for and was looking for guidance.

Sile helped me to identify what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit my personality.  She helped me with my CV as well as with tips for interviews. This advice helped me massively. It gave me direction and a goal. It helped me to be confident going for interviews and as a result I have now gained new employment in a position i am very happy with.

Sile guidance and support have been a massive boost to me and i recommend her services to anyone looking for help in there life and career” – Patrick Higgins




“I wanted to gain fresh insights into myself, my approach to relationships and life and how I make my way in this world, and thereby be able to change where necessary and be the very best version of myself that I can be.  Now my family see me as calmer and more assertive and happier!” – Class participant 2015



Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “I found Sile really easy to listen to and to talk to. I felt comfortable and at ease from the very beginning of the workshop. With advice and skills to use to help to combat my problem , I now know what the root of it is “



Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “I choose to work with Sile because I was tired of feeling stuck in a job rut. I was struggling to identify a career that would fulfil me and also utilise my skills and experience. Any job search I pursued made me feel worse because I was afraid to take a chance or run the risk of rejection. However, working with Sile helped me to change my mindset, instead of just scratching the surface, Sile helped me to realize more deeply my own unique strengths, skills and experiences. As a result, I developed a CV that reflected my true abilities and also, gave me the confidence to present myself in an authentic manner at interviews.”Career coaching client 



Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “Anxiety had been a major factor in me seeking help, how it impacted my life and relationships! Since working with Sile I have gained a lot of knowledge and have felt very empowered especially when it comes to relationships and how I can improve my contribution to reflect who I am as a person.Male Accountant, late 20’s – Read more



“I had been feeling frustrated with many aspects of my life for a while; my sense of direction and focus, my level of comfort with my identity, a lack of motivation and sense of achievement overall. I was probably a little sceptical about whether or not the coaching would help at the start, but working with Sile helped me feeling more accomplished, more confident and less critical of myself. I would certainly recommend working with Sile and have already to a close friend.”   Sales excutive, mother to be Read more


Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “All my life I have lacked confidence. I have been to different therapists and some worked and others did not. However they were always short term fixes. Sile empowers you to find the solution, this gives you the tools that help you tackle the challenges that life presents.” Company director, farther & husband Read more



“As the course develops you start to notice how everything around you seems less stressful and just having the knowledge and tools to cope with difficult situations for you personally”Love Your Life Class participant



“With Sile’s help I’ve really started to take my finger off the “perfection & control” button and have begun to push the “conscious choice” button instead!” Love Your Life Class participant




“Sile is brilliant at gently guiding us through sensitive topics, creating a safe environment for us to share our stories, and sharing her own life experience and deep wisdom.”Love Your Life Class participant




“It’s the simplest things now, I can wake up early and set a plan of fun for the day. Things that were always there feel alive now. Instead of trying to sort everybody else out to make me happy and now I know it’s me I need to look after and found my own happiness I’m so grateful I found this before it was to late.”Love Your Life Class participant




“I’m so glad I’m part of one of Sile’s Love your life empowerment groups. Sile is an excellent facilitator, so authentic, supportive and kindhearted. She is brilliant at gently guiding us through sensitive topics, creating a safe environment for us to share our stories, and sharing her own life experience and deep wisdom. There is a magic that happens when we all get together, a special energy that allows us to effortlessly bounce ideas off each other, laugh, cry, witness and reflect. With Sile’s help I’ve really started to take my finger off the “perfection & control” button and have begun to push the “conscious choice” button instead! I’m beginning to enjoy life and take more care of myself instead of focussing on taking care of everyone else. I’m so grateful for Sile and the group and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some support, friendship and plenty of cups of tea!” – Love Your Life Empowerment Series Participant 




Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “Sile is incredibly intuitive and understanding within a few minutes she had honed in on my personality, what exactly was going on for me and why things weren’t happening for me. It was incredible, the effect was immediate in the way I managed to change my outlook and my approach to life. Working with Sile has given me focus and confidence with lasting positive consequences within all aspects of my life. I would therefore whole heartily and with every confidence recommend Sile.”Valerie Parkes, Cork, Property manager. 




“I am a successful business women and went to Sile on referral from a friend. At the time I had a personal up set that had shaken me and this crept into every aspect of my life. Sile was a true breath of fresh air and is a very very talented lady. After the first session and with the exercises I did at home I felt more empowered and I could feel my true self coming back. After the third and final session I can finally say I am firing on all cylinders and have never felt more driven. Whether it be for a one on one session or a group session Sile empowers you to think big and grow. I now recommend her to everyone!” – Victoria Shorten Director, Miami  www.one-lifestyles.com 




“Sile is an excellent life and business coach and she has a a passion for helping people to be the best they can be in their life and business. She reaches out to help people in a kind, compassionate and gentle way that encourages people to easily look inside themselves, to remove blocks and begin to live life again on their terms. I would highly recommend her.” – Aisling Mooney Dublin, Teacher and Personal Consultant




Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “Working with Sile really helped me to clear the decks, enabling me to discover and embrace my authentic self. Sile is highly intuitive and really knows how to dig deep into underlying beliefs that are blocking your progress when building your business. When I started working with Sile I had a clear vision of what i wanted my business to be but was clogged with beliefs that didn’t serve me or my business. Sile is a great example of showing up authentically in life and business which rubs off in her coaching and teachings. The positive effects of Sile’s coaching will last long after your coaching is over.” – Jessica Carr  Business Clarity Coach, Australia  www.jessicarr.com.au 




“Sile is a fantastic coach! She’s supportive and encouraging so you’re comfortable opening up and diving deep into your issues, but also super proactive so that you don’t ever coast along. She holds a beautiful space for you to feel safe and to grow, and never pushes too much – it was just the right amount for me to maintain progress and come out at the end SO much clearer about myself and my business. Thank you, Sile!” – Julie Energy Coach, Germany –  www.energycoachjulie.com 




Sile’s coaching style is wonderfully open-minded, open-ended, and completely tailored to her client. She’s full of great info to support you when you’ve identified issues, and she’s supportive without being pushy. And yet she still manages to be super encouraging! I felt supported enough to be with myself and go deeply into issues, but not ever forced to move too quickly; I was always free to move through things at my own pace, which I greatly appreciated.” – Business Client




Sile is like a breath of fresh air, calm, logical, funny and serious when needs be. She encourages all of us to dig deep and search within ourselves for the answers we are all seeking. She brings a personal touch to our sessions by talking about her life and this makes it easier for me anyway to open up more.” – Ireland, Class participant





I cannot stress how much it has helped in day to day life as coaching gave me a deeper understanding of myself and therefor understand why I think or feel a certain way and how to cope with it. – Young Adult Private Client 





“I wanted to crawl out of the depression & sense of hopelessness I felt I was sinking into. Sile helped me identify patterns & behaviours which weren’t serving me & create new ones. Then gave me strategies to becoming more authentic in relationships & creating respectful, healthy boundaries…overall blending the practical tools of coaching with the inspirational spiritual elements needed for balance… . I still have the prescription for anti-depressants but have no need for them now” – Nurse, life coaching client. 





“Sile has a very good understanding of the inter-relationship between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health and well-being. . I have worked with Sile on both personal and work related issues, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for guidance to make life’s journey that bit easier and more fulfilling.” – Life coaching client




“Working with Sile really helped me to see why I was getting confused. It’s so obvious! But I couldn’t see it on my own. Sile is an awesome coach lady – I really got unstuck after chatting with her. She has got that no-nonsense approach that really resonates but it’s mixed with a deep compassion of a long lost friend.” –  Amy from  irunthisship.com 



“I’m not really in to business but the coaching was nothing like I thought it would be, it was all about the person and their needs their way which is why is felt so right in it. I now believe in myself more I’m talking about what I do more than I ever did before, whereas I used to hold back with fear of being judged and I now know I’m great at my work and deserve the best. I love Siles approach, how to put yourself out there in a safe and confident authentic way and be able to handle what comes your way.I am grateful for that.” –  Reiki Master, business coaching client





“I am currently doing Love Your Life Empowerment Series and would highly recommend it to anyone . Not only is it fun and enjoyable but as the course develops you start to notice how everything around you seems less stressful and just having the knowledge and tools to cope with difficult situations for you personally .. I look forward to every monthly meet up your an inspiration Sile Kate Walsh xx” – Class participant of Love Your Life Now 




“I find it hard to believe sometimes how much I have cleared, many of my old out-dated behavior patterns have left and I am more loving and kind to myself and more assertive in my relationships. It helped me to love my life, trust my intuition and dreams more, and be more willing to follow them up with inspired action. I felt very safe and secure, with Sile and received practical advice as to how to help the clearing on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.” – Ireland, Private client




“Sile, creates a wonderful safe space to help you discover all that you’re capable of and encourages and supports you with every brave new step you take If you get an opportunity to work in any capacity with Sile, take it, it will be one if the best decisions you’ll ever make.” – Alice McSharry, Cork of White Willow Sanctuary




“I approached Sile with a problem that has plagued me all my life, in one session Sile was able to untangle the reasons underlying it. I think you could spend a fortune being told what is wrong with you but I wanted to be able to actually do something about it. Thank you Sile you helped me address & vanquish a fear.”  – Psychologist England, life coaching client




“I am now aware of the fact that a lot of the time when I feel “put upon” or controlled by someone else, it’s actually because I feel uncomfortable with asserting my own needs and respecting my right to have them met. I’m not pissed off any-more, with myself or others!” – Cork, group participant 





“I had been agitated quiet a lot, panicky and unsure of every day decisions leading to frustration and a total body deflation… I was feeling tired and quick tempered, Doctors had been trying to give me anti – depressants which may work for some people but I know I didn’t need medical help… I am now able to manage my life much better & It’s a huge relief for me.” – Cork, Private client




“I was looking for a programme that had a spiritual dimension, to replace the gap I felt in my life as a result of my disillusion with the religious background. It filled a vacuum I had felt in my life, and gave me comfort and solace in submitting to a higher being, while learning to learn my own value too.”  Cork – Class participant




“I have always had this strange feeling of abandonment for years. Since I started, I have moved house, and done other things in my life that I would not have done before, like pursue my passions. I can see myself much more clearly with love and acceptance. I feel such a sense of calmness, strength, and being supported by life, which is wonderful.” – Cork, private client





“No idea how she does it but she has a way about her that encourages others to stand in their power. Sile has helped me think differently, made me aware of my life lessons & showed me how to accept them. I now believe it is possible to conquer all challenges and emerge into the light stronger than before.” – Cork, Class participant




Another Happy Coaching Clients feedback: “I had no motivation in any aspect of my life, I had back ache, headaches and I had no self-worth. I used to sit in my house for days at a time. Now back ache or headaches are half as much as they are before, I have improved so many areas of my life now I get up every day and go walking and I enjoy being out and about. I still have a lot to do but the sessions have given me the fresh start I needed and I am very grateful.” – Ireland, private client




“I felt overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start! I am so delighted I decided to take siles concious business programme and now I am looking forward to growing my business with total confidence in myself & what I do. Thank you Sile” – Alison Cobh, Barking Mad dog groomers 




“Being the type of person I am, I was always make sure everyone else around me was ok and looked after before I’d even think of myself. I did this with my husband, family and friends, I’m always at the bottom of the list. Now I’m not and I’m happy again, I’m not worn out any more.” – Cork City, Class participant



“I am a more positive and outgoing person after coaching and I have a better understanding of myself and others situations,where as before I was very inward and did not care for my own situation” – Dublin, Private Client



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