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"I was probably a little sceptical about whether or not the coaching would help at the start, but working with Sile helped me feeling more accomplished, more confident and less critical of myself."


What prompted you to go to coaching?

I had been feeling frustrated with many aspects of my life for a while; my sense of direction and focus, my level of comfort with my identity, a lack of motivation and sense of achievement overall.


I started to think more and more about where I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel within the next 5-10 years and couldn't seem to get any perspective or a starting point for the changes I wanted to make so decided to look into life coaching


Some articles on Sile's blog and website resonated so I decided to get in touch. Planning on having a baby with my partner as well as dealing with some difficult issues within my family were probably big factors in deciding to take stock of my own issues.


What hesitations did you have about working together or coaching?

  • I was probably a little sceptical about whether or not the coaching would help at the start, I felt I had a good handle on what my issues were and felt that motivation was the only area I needed some guidance in so I was a bit naive about the process.
  • Also, it takes a while for me to feel comfortable with someone new, certainly to a level where I would open up so I was a bit apprehensive from that point of view.


What did you want to get from working together? 

  • Help in achieving a sense of focus on my career ambitions and goals.
  • Help with issues around my weight.
  • Help in finding my motivation and actually taking steps to achieve my goals instead of just thinking about it.


What did you get from working together? 

  • I learned a lot about myself and how I respond to people and situations and how that in turn affects my everyday experiences and feelings.
  • I learned a lot about having healthier relationships at work and outside of work.
  • I developed better daily habits which in turn has helped with feeling more accomplished, more confident and less critical of myself.


Have your friends, family or work colleagues noticed any difference in you? 

I think my work colleagues will have noticed a change in my behaviour in that I get a lot more involved in group discussions and show more of my personality.

Some family members have also noticed a difference in that I'm more relaxed overall and surer of myself.


What did you like best about working together and what could have been better?:

  • Working with Sile was a really positive experience overall.
  • I really liked that while there was a certain level of structure to the coaching sessions, they often took on a life of their own and uncovered topics that I wouldn't have expected to come up.
  • Even if I felt approaching a session that I wasn't sure what I wanted to get out of it, I always left having taken something worthwhile out of it.


What's the most important thing people should know about working with Sile?:

It can be a daunting prospect to participate in one on one coaching sessions if it's a new type of engagement for you or if you're not sure what to expect.

Sile makes the sessions very comfortable and is really good at establishing a flow to the discussions.

She's clearly very perceptive and astute and will find a way to tap in to issues that are important for your development and progress even if you're not sure what they may be to begin with.

Once you are open to embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Sile will steer you in the right direction very capably.


Would you recommend Siles services?

I would certainly recommend working with Sile and have already to a close friend. I think for anyone who may be struggling to find their way or to become more in tune with themselves, working with Sile is a really worthwhile and potentially life-changing experience.


What is next for you? :

I've gained a lot of knowledge and self-awareness and have got in to some really positive habits. Next for me is building on that by continuing in the same way and also delving deeper into some of the things that the coaching sessions unearthed. I've now got solid building blocks in place to enable me to progress and to narrow down my areas of focus even more.


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