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“After the first session and with the exercises I did at home I felt more empowered and I could feel my true self coming back. After the third and final session I can finally say I am firing on all cylinders and have never felt more


Cork Life Coach supporting you with relationships, business,career & life. 

Coaching is about overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors with an intention to create a more fulfilled life, business, relationship and career. It’s not either or, its all of it!

Sile is a passionate coach, author, facilitator and speaker. Using authenticity as a core value when working with people in relation to Mental Fitness, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Recovery, Stress Management, Business Development, Authentic Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Holistic Well-being and Relationships.

Do you want to feel … positive, empowered, confident, centered, authentic & at ease in your life, relationships or business ?

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