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“It was incredible, the effect was immediate in the way I managed to change my outlook and my approach to life. Working with Sile has given me focus and confidence with lasting positive consequences within all aspects of my life.” – Coaching client

training, facilitating and speaking Cork Life Coach


Cork Life Coach supporting you with relationships, business,career & life. 

Sile believes deeply in the people she works with and their untapped potential for their lives and relationships. Sile brings a sense of compassion and equality to each session, with gentle and supportive challenges.

Sile knows that each of us has found a unique way to manage life, some of these ways still work and others don’t. She coaches you towards an understanding of where you are, what is working for you and what isn’t. Bringing a focus to what you need to move forward and equipping you with the skills to do it!

“After the first session and with the exercises I did at home I felt more empowered and I could feel my true self coming back. After the third and final session I can finally say I am firing on all cylinders and have never felt more
driven.” – Coaching Client

Cork life coach Sile believes coaching is about overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors with an intention to create a more fulfilled life, business, relationship and career. It’s not either or, its all of it!

Sile is a passionate Cork life coach, author, facilitator and speaker. Using authenticity as a core value when working with people in relation to Mental Fitness, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Recovery, Stress Management, Business Development, Authentic Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Holistic Well-being and Relationships.

Do you want to feel … positive, empowered, confident, centered, authentic & at ease in your life, relationships or business ?

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