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17 things to do if your single this valentines

17 things to do if your single this valentines, Single this valentines? Read this!

In a conversation this week with a guy friend he said “Woman get crazy desperate around Christmas and Valentines, it’s scary and off putting”  I was shocked but then again not … Woman are always labelled as the relationship seekers and when seems like the best time to have a special someone during two of the most special relating holidays.  The shocker was that this was coming from a guy who wanted love and a relationship. So I asked “why is it off putting, isn’t it what you want?” he replied: “yes but naturally, not forced”

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How to manage stress over Christmas

This is all about how you can mange stress more effectively at Christmas! It was inspired by a call from Aoife at Spin 1038 to do an interview on my top tips for managing stress at Christmas! A bit of a reality check first, December is one of the most stressful times of year and here is why,

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Neil Prendeville Show

Think for a moment, for these young people to behave in this way, what was going through their head? It most certainly wasn’t compassion for that boy or themselves, it wasn’t social responsibility and it wasn’t awareness.

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