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Stress Management Tips

Stress management tips by Cork based personal development life & business coach, Sile Walsh. 

    As a coach I mainly deal with professionals and high achievers who want to ace what they do and have the lifestyle they feel passionate and empowered in.        Often though stress of acing what they do comes between them and the results… In some cases it shows up as relationships dissolving or physical burn out or emotional turbulence or gaining weight and emotionally eating or sometimes experiencing anxiety, depression ….        Lets just call it as it is stress is not sexy!! Stress although it’s the latest addiction in our society it is most certainly not attractive or empowering!      Too much stress makes you in effective and life, business and relationships way harder than they need to be.   

As far as stress management tips goes, here is the simplest and most practical stress tool I have found as a lifestyle and business coach … 

  • ONE – Identify your personal and professional triggers… Call them out, write them down, acknowledge them! 
  • TWO – Quickly jot down all the meaning’s and story associated with this trigger.. basically write down why you think it stresses you. What power are you giving it? 
  • THREE –  STEP AWAY and take a few deep breaths .. this is not just good because the yogi’s teach it. Its good because it knocks you out of fight, flight or freeze mode, gets the bloods going effectively and helps with your cognitive function. 
  • FOUR – Write out a list of solutions that can help you limit your triggers or manage them more effectively and take effective action!
      I love this topic so much I recorded a quick video on it!     

Stress management is highly underused, it’s understood but underused! I believe it is probably the biggest thing holding people back these days. Pressures to preform at academically, professionally and personally are so high now. It is important we equally combat these high demands with effective and healthy coping strategies. 

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Fear of judgement holding you back?

Does the fear of judgement hold you back? Does it keep you stuck in cycles? I know how the internal dialog goes, the fear of judgement sounds a lot like; "what will they think?" or "Will they think I am some idiot?" or "Oh no, I couldn't"or " its ok for others but I couldn't because I should .." You know on some level what you need to do but the fear of judgement and the thoughts that accompany it fill you with so much dis-comfort that you avoid doing it and this often leads to you beating yourself up because you haven't achieved what you want yet.

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What to do when works a drag?

What to do when works a drag? What can you do? How can you feel better? 

It’s fair to say work is less than fun. You might go as far as to say work is a nightmare. But the truth is, you have a lot more options than you realize. When we are stressed, overwhelmed or seriously dis-content, it can be hard to see a solution, to see how much power we actually have over our situation. Basically the more overwhelmed, 

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Fitting in doesn’t work!

Fitting in doesn’t work! I have to share this!! Its handy for anyone who gets anxious in social situations, never felt like they ‘fitted in’ or compares themselves to everyone else, Brené Brown​ has this Authenticity Manifesto that is POWERFUL! “Just show up, let myself be seen, don’t shrink, don’t puff, just be me”

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How to beat a bad habit !

How to beat a bad habit !

Situations have layers to them, one layer is your HABITUAL pattern which you use to respond to TRIGGERS and then there is what you NEED from the situation.
Your habitual response is a go to place for you for comfort or avoidance, alcohol, sex, food, exercise, gossip, drugs, technology and so on.. In your vice, you have a moment or attempt to have a moment of escapism, comfort.

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Easy Meditation

Meditation is so simple, yet we create all these rules and regulations and perceptions of how it ‘should’ be done!

We put it up on this pedal stool of spiritual and calm people, sitting in lotus position, perfect posture and they never eat a carb or piece of sugar and NEVER get angry!!

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