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Wellness business growth 101

How to grow your wellness business 101 

Most wellness business owners / entrepreneurs got into their business because they have a passion to help others …      Entrepreneurs I work with often describe the reason they set up their business was for freedom, to be in control of their own destiny, to make a difference and because all their jobs so far didn’t quiet hit the mark for them!      BUT if you aren’t earning an income that supports you, its an expensive hobby you have not a business.     Let me define the difference here,   
  • A business offers solutions to paying customers and expands your security, income and potential.. 
  • A hobby is something you love to do whether its paid for or not and costs you either energy, time or money..
    You can love what you do and earn an income, that is a wellness business where as a wellness hobby you just love what you do!  

So ask yourself is this a wellness hobby or a wellness business?

If you have a hobby, you need to treat it like one but If its a business you need to treat it like one and here is how..

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Business plan, is it time for a real one?

Is it time to make a real life helpful business plan ? One that isn’t figures on paper but based around marketing, sales and networking? One that actually makes you money, not just talks about it? 

Is it time to make a plan & take the right action?

You have all these ideas for you business but struggling with an actionable business plan. You have hopes for yourself but keep finding that when it comes to action, you are doing the same thing and getting the same results. It is wearing down your self-esteem, motivation and enthusiasm .

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Fear of judgement holding you back?

Does the fear of judgement hold you back? Does it keep you stuck in cycles? I know how the internal dialog goes, the fear of judgement sounds a lot like; "what will they think?" or "Will they think I am some idiot?" or "Oh no, I couldn't"or " its ok for others but I couldn't because I should .." You know on some level what you need to do but the fear of judgement and the thoughts that accompany it fill you with so much dis-comfort that you avoid doing it and this often leads to you beating yourself up because you haven't achieved what you want yet.

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Why choose an authentic business model!

Why choose an authentic business model! I am a massive advocate for authentic business.
Even though I love authenticity that is only half the reason I love it in business!
The other half is because it pays, its easier and there is less struggle with authentic business. Which translates to more flow, more money and better ideas!

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Not all feedback is created equal

Not all feedback is created equal. Over 3 years in business and hundreds of opinion’s, advice and “you know what you should do” later … Throw in my experience of coaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs and the self-employed this statement becomes a fact!

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To plan or not to plan

How to really plan the year ahead!
Let’s just stop in our tracks, stop making plans for the next year because hey you don’t have all the facts yet. In business opportunities are found and also just show up… for this reason planning should be a guide not a distraction.

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