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Male Client, Late 20's/Early 30's, Accountant 

A note from the client:

Anxiety had been a major factor in me seeking help through Sile coaching sessions. How it impacted my life and relationships. I wanted to seek change and be given the tools to make that change.

I had no reservations as such. Which were proven right as the whole experience was positive.

I wanted to enhance my abilities to express myself and my feelings more openly and to gain more of an understanding of who I was and what some of my behaviours represented.

Since working with Sile I have gained a lot of knowledge and have felt very empowered from my time working with Sile. Especially when it comes to relationships and how I can improve my contribution to reflect who I am as a person.

Even my family have noted how well I have been doing and they see the improvements. I am going to continue to seek further personal growth and keep moving forward to in a positive direction


I really enjoyed being able to speak about any topic and Sile's ability to come up with an approach to solve problems in good clear manner was second to none.


When working with Sile you will be working with someone who's passionate about what she does and you will get 100 percent from her. Her uplifting personality is well suited to her role and she will make you feel at ease from the get go.


No problem or issue is too big or small and you will come out of the whole experience with a new positive perspective on your future and also a skill set to match that perception.

I would recommend Sile. 


A note from Sile: 

This clients approach to coaching was committed, focused and curious because of this I believe he created so many of the improvements he discussed above. 

It was notable that his emotional intelligence had greatly developed, he became clear and assertive, self- awareness improved, communication style and his approach to relationships became more true to himself. 

He really showed up and did the work and his results represent that! He deserves all the improvements he discussed ! 

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