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A clients story, in his words! 

"All my life I have lacked confidence. I have been to different therapists and some worked and others did not. However they were always short term fixes."


What hesitations did you have about working together?
"Was I going to be able to carry out the advice that you would gave me. I have fallen down in this area many times before."

"I have to be honest when I saw that you were younger than me (I don't know your age but you are definitely younger than me!) I did wonder if you would have the life experience to advise and guide me, after the first 5 minutes of the first session that didn't even enter my head again!"


What has changed since working together?

  • I have become more positive about myself and my life in general.
  • I now fully understand what the real important matters in my life
  • I know my wife & child fully love me, where before I found this difficult to fully feel within my heart.
  • I was interested in the achieving the end goal, now I know we are on a journey and it excites me.
  • recognize when a negative thought is coming, I can now deal with it.


"I liked that it was informal and relaxed and the fact that you had no set agenda beforehand, well it didn't appear that you did!! I just spoke about what was on my mind and it felt like we were having a chat, you always facilitated me in coming up with an answer to the problem that I posed."


Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?
"Absolutely Yes! Family & Friends because I know you will empower them to find ways to improve the situation or problem that they have."


What should people know about working with Sile?
"Sile is an incredible listener who empowers you to find the solution for yourself. This gives you the tools that help you tackle the challenges that life presents."

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